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IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme was created to provide a high school leaving qualification which would enable students to gain entry into universities throughout the world.

It is a demanding course designed for able students aged 16-19 years. While highly academic, the programme aims to educate the whole person, helping students to become independent, caring and critical thinkers. Through the ‘CAS’ programme, all students must give their time to provide service to others in the community.

Student performance is graded according to criteria which are moderated internationally and consistent across all IB schools throughout the world.

The broad concept of the IB curriculum ensures that students develop a well-rounded understanding, with each student selecting one subject from each of the groups shown in the hexagon diagram below.

At the heart of the programme:

    • The Extended Essay assists students to become independent learners who will succeed at university.

    • Theory of Knowledge develops critical and reflective thinking.

    • Creativity, Activity and Service ensures that IB graduates are healthy and that they recognise the importance of service to others.

Students select one subject * from each of the following 6 groups


  • Studies in Language and Literature: 
             English or Chinese or Korean or Japanese or school supported self-taught language

  • Language Acquisition: 
             English or Japanese or Chinese or French, Spanish (at beginners level only)

  • Individuals and Societies: 
             Economics or Geography or History
  • Experimental Sciences: 
             Biology or Chemistry or Physics

  • Mathematics: 
             Higher, Standard level or Mathematics Studies

  • The Arts 
             Visual Arts or another subject that they have not selected from above

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*Classes are subject to numbers and the cut off for IB subject selection is March.   


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