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AIC Scholarship & Entrance Examination

Students applying for a place at AIC are required to sit one of two entrance examinations, this is dependent on which year group the student is applying for.  The cost for the administration of the test is $36 payable on the day of the examination, for payment details click here. Please ensure that all relevant enrolment forms are submitted before the entrance test is taken, this will allow us to fully process your application, to download the applications forms click here.

The College curriculum is the the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Year 12 and 13) or The Preparation Year Programme for the IB Diploma (Year 11).   The purpose of both the entry tests are:

-          To gauge the current ability levels of applicants

-          To ascertain whether or not applicants will be able to cope with study at AIC

-          To identify applicants of especially high ability who may be deserving of AIC scholarships*

-          To aid with placement of new students in classes

 *Please note that entry test results are not the only factor taken into consideration when scholarships are being awarded.

General Guidelines for the Entrance Test

-          Answers must be written tidily in pen (not pencil) on the answer sheets provided

-          The use of calculators and dictionaries is forbidden

-          Working and planning may be carried out on question sheets; but only answer sheets will be marked

-          Any work on answer sheets that is not to be marked must be crossed out neatly and clearly


The Preparation for IB Diploma Entrance Test for Year 11, Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes  

The Preparation for IB entry test consists of a mathematics paper and an English paper.

The mathematics paper consists of 30 multiple-choice questions from the following fields of study: diagram reading, statistics, fractions, geometry, exponents, trigonometry, gradients, graphing, problem solving, functions, numbers (operations with fractions and decimals) and algebra (expanding and factorising of algebraic expressions, operations with algebraic fractions and equations). Students are allowed 30 minutes to answer the questions in the mathematics paper.

The English paper consists of three sections: language skills, reading comprehension and creative writing. The language section covers tenses, prepositions and vocabulary. Students have 15 minutes to answer 40 questions. There are two texts for reading comprehension and students have 35 minutes to read and answer several different types of questions i.e. multi-choice, matching synonyms, identifying literary techniques and written answers using words from the texts. The creative writing section requires students to plan and write a short essay on a given topic in 15 minutes. 


The IB Diploma Entrance Test for Year 12, Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

The IB Diploma entry test consists of a mathematics paper and an English paper.  The English exam is the same as the Year 11 English entry test exam (as above). Students are also allowed 60 minutes to work on the English paper. 

For the mathematics exam there are 30 multiple-choice mathematics questions, including questions from the following fields of study: geometry, trigonometry, graphing, algebraic equations and functions.  Students are allowed 30 minutes to answer the questions in the mathematics paper.

For examples of AIC Scholarship & Entrance Test Questions click here.