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Boarding FAQ

Five things parents of new boarders need to know:

1. Your child has access to a first-language friend or staff member whenever they need one (for large nationality groups). 

2. We will contact you if there are any serious worries, concerns or health issues.

3. You are welcome to contact us via email or phone, in English or any other language as we will access translation services. The direct phone number is +64 9 303 1609 or for emergencies you can reach the duty supervisor on + 64 21 813 653.

4. Your sons and daughters will devote time and energy to settling into school, learning routines and especially to making friends.

5. When your child is upset or complains, there may be more to the issue and it is important to contact the Boarding House staff for a full picture.

Five things a new boarder needs to know:

1. The staff who are in charge of AIC Boarding are trained, competent, and friendly adults here to help and support you towards the best academic grades you can get.

2. All the rules and regulations in AIC Boarding have a reason and a purpose, even if it doesn’t make sense to you straight away.

3. If you are not sure about anything –  ask the Accommodation Manager Mr Dinesh Narayan by emailing him This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

4. If you don’t feel well you really need to talk to an adult on duty. Talk to your parents as well, but remember we have first care for you.

5. The AIC Boarding Student Handbook is an excellent guide for students and parents and is encouraged to be referred to often.  It is updated regularly, and small changes are informed to students in weekly meetings, emails and other notices


1. How does AIC supply lunch to the boarders?

On Fridays students make their own lunches from breads, salads, meats and condiments that are available at breakfast time. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday our catering company delivers a variety of lunches to students at the College. A copy of the menu is available online for parents.


2. Who washes the boarders' clothes?

Boarders are provided with washing machines and dryers. The supervisors are able to teach students how to use these machines and what powder to buy. All personal laundry and towels are washed by the students themselves and all sheets and bathmats are laundered by a laundry company every week. Students are provided with laundered sheets, pillowcases and bathmats delivered to their room on the weekend and all used items are collected on Monday.


3. Is there a laundry room in the boarding house? Can students use it anytime?

Yes. There are washing machines and dryers for students to use from 6:00am to 7:00pm, and 10:00pm to 11:00pm on school days and from 6:00am to 11:30pm on weekends and holidays. 


4. How can parents communicate with boarding staff, if parents cannot speak English?

AIC supervisors are from a range of nationalities and speak a number of our common languages. In emergencies the staff are accessible to assist. For non-urgent emails and other communications the marketing departments assist with translations. Our boarding newsletters are emailed to parents in English and translated into the languages of our largest nationality groups.


5. How and where can boarders have private tuition after regular school hours?

Students are able to arrange for private tutors after school. These lessons can be arranged to be hosted at the Boarding House. 


6. How many students share a room at AIC boarding?

Three or four students share a room. 


7. How often are roommates changed?

Roommates are changed in July at the start of the new academic year and again in January after the Christmas holiday break in order for our boarders to develop a range of friendships. There are some changes that need to occur during the term time, as new students arrive and others depart, but this is kept to a minimum.


8. Do all boarders need to bring their own laptop computers?

 AIC strongly recommends that students bring their own laptops. 


9. How does AIC support students' academic goals?

All the regulations in AIC Boarding are designed to support the best academic success: quality and nutritious food, routines that support sleep and rest in balance with structured study, and respecting the student's need for pastoral care. The AIC Boarding Handbook can explain this more fully.


10. Can boarders access the internet?

Yes, for the purpose of academic support and contact with their families.


11. How does AIC boarding management work?

The Accommodation Manager, Mr Dinesh Narayan, oversees and implements the policies of AIC Council and ensures that the New Zealand regulations regarding safe boarding environments are all met. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Boarding House and staff. There is a full complement of supervisors who are from a variety of nations, ages and life experiences. 


12. Is AIC boarding house safe enough for teenagers? 

AIC Boarding House meets and exceeds all the regulations for safety in residential care of teenagers. Staff (and some senior students) are trained in first aid and fire safety. 


13. How many students live in the boarding house?

The maximum capacity of the Boarding House is 178 students. 


14. Do boys and girls live in the same building? If so, will it cause any problems?

AIC Boarding is a co-educational facility. The corridors are separate for boys and girls, and cameras monitor the entrance and exits to every floor area. As the College is co-educational there are always opportunities for special friendships to develop. The Boarding staff monitor this carefully, and remind students that a boarding house is like a big family, where we expect them to behave like brothers and sisters. 


15. Will boarding house staff arrange any activities during the weekend and holidays?

The staff facilitate some compulsory activities and also respond with assistance in planning and providing transport for student initiated activities. The weekend and holiday programs are full of ideas and options for students, and staff are supportive of a balanced lifestyle - which means getting out and about!


16. What food do students normally eat? Is food enough for students?

Students are surveyed regularly on the meals we provide and feedback is provided to the catering company so that they can adjust the menu accordingly. Boarders are provided with three meals per day which ensures both sufficient quantity and a balanced diet.


17. If a student is sick, what is the first step he/she should take?

Contact the supervisor/s on duty. From there they will be assessed. Students should not be taking medication without the knowledge of a staff member. We have excellent relationships with several medical and dental facilities. AIC Boarding staff have basic first aid training which prepares them to deal with many types of illness and injury.


18. What can an AIC boarder expect in terms of a study system?

AIC boarding operates a study system whereby each new student starts off with high amount of regulation in terms of lights out, laptop usage etc. However when a student demonstrates  a good level of independent time-management skills and is achieving well in effort grades then the student will be offered more independence with regard to their daily study structure.