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Vietnamese AIC Graduate, Bao Tran Do. IB Perfect Score 45 /45.

Bao Tran Do Bao Tran Do IB Perfect Score 45 /45
I wouldn't have made it without Ms Solomon and all of my teachers and friends at AIC. 

I've not decided yet what I'll study in the future. I remember Ms Solomon asked me about my future study during vocal coaching and I answered with great certainty that I wanted to take Finance. But now I think Finance is not for me. 

There were two people who made me change my mind. The first one was Ms Keeman. I was lucky to have her as my Economics teacher for two years. Her lessons on issues of development such as inequality,poverty and pollution inspired me a lot. I want to take further studies in Development Economics to help solve those issues. The second one was Mr Huebner, US Amabassador for NZ, who gave a speech at our graduation ceremony. I keep thinking about his words: "The world needs more scientists and more engineers," and I remember that I once wanted to be a scientist, someone who invents things to make life better.  

I'm still in the self-exploring process. I have not decided, really. Whatever I'll take for university studies, I hope I can use it to help other people.

Vietnamese AIC Graduate, Bao Tran Do. IB Perfect Score 45 /45.  Offers from University of Warwick, Imperial College and University College, UK.  Deciding on which university to accept.