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Oshu Scholarships

There are currently 16 AIC Graduates receiving an Oshu Scholarship to attend university. These scholarships are awarded in US dollars, for the duration of the student's first degree, and are subject to specific terms and conditions.

Naomi Jones

AIC is unlike other schools in that it changes the way you think and learn. At AIC you don't just attend classes and complete assignments just because it's school and you have to. You study because you want to achieve. Then you achieve because you want to make a difference in the world 

William Scarrold

I couldn’t have done it without AIC.  IB has allowed me to pursue my dream of studying theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge. This was an impossibility before I began at AIC.  The difference between AIC and other secondary schools is that at AIC students are there to do their best.  I was with other students who worked hard and were determined to succeed.  No one is there to simply ‘get through school’ with the least effort, everyone is there to learn.   

Students support and encourage each other and celebrate each others successes.  They are focused in class and thrive in this learning environment.    This is an atmosphere where even the brightest students are challenged, and with determination can thrive. 

The Creativity Action and Service programme gave me a chance to develop my leadership and teamwork skills.  After fundraising for two years a group of students travelled to Cambodia to build 9 houses in a small village.  This was a life changing experience. It changed my perspective at a deep level.

AIC is a great working environment to study what we are really passionate about, with the support of enthusiastic, world class teachers.

Quang Anh Minh Do

One of the things I like about AIC is its high quality and standards of education - you have an excellent library, computer system and lab facilities that are dedicated to your learning and the teachers have high expectations of their students and push you really hard.

I think the rigour of the IB and the quality of education at AIC prepared me really well for college.

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