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Ayumu Tahara

(BA (Economics)) (BA (Economics)) University of Chicago, USA

I feel that my learning experience at Auckland International College has tremendously broadened my horizon and opened up a window for numerous opportunities that I would not have seen otherwise.  For me, it was important to make the most of my time in New Zealand, so I am very grateful to my friends, the AIC staff and of course my parents, whose involvement was essential in making my experience at AIC fruitful.  Meeting people from completely different backgrounds from yours is an eye-opening experience, and I am delighted that AIC provided me with a chance to do just that.

In gaining admission to the University of Chicago, I think it really helped me that I became friends with people from very different cultural backgrounds, so that I was able to grow into a well-rounded student who is not just about academics.  Obviously your studies are very important, but I believe that a successful learning experience cannot be achieved in classrooms only, and I don’t think that top-notch universities from America want someone who can just write good essays and solve difficult math problems.  With its unique environment, AIC should be able to give you a great chance to prepare yourself for a successful future beyond high school