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Ryusuke Itonaga

(Management) (Management) London School of Economics & Political Science, UK

When I decided to go to AIC, I thought the IB programme would allow me to discover a way to a top university which I would not be able to find if I stayed in my home country.  And indeed, AIC was an international community of young dreamers who had the same thoughts as mine.  

Students of AIC set their goals very high and were ready to strive for them.  Having put myself in such a challenging environment, I was stimulated by my friends and I could push myself.  Also the quality and standards of teaching staff at AIC is quite high.  They taught us to have various points of view and to question them to find out the truth.  This way of study helped me not only with IB, but also with my university study.  

Having graduated from AIC as a pathway to my dream, I can say that our strong ambition and a rigorous environment like AIC are the only things we need to achieve our goals.