Remember me

Hong ( Linda) Li

(Pre-Med) (Pre-Med) Dartmouth College, USA

My experience at AIC was both memorable and challenging.  The AIC community challenges you to strive for excellence and provides immense support and guidance along the way.  Whether it was the last minute rush to hand in the 4,000 word Extended Essay or the 4:00am wake-up call in Cambodia to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat, AIC has certainly provided me with my fair share of challenges along the way.
People often ask me what I like most about AIC, and my response is always 'the people’.  The school brings together people from so many diverse backgrounds and gathers them in the middle of metropolitan Auckland.  We all share the same mentality that has defined AIC from other schools: 'be the best that you can!'  I have maintained excellent contact with my fellow ‘06 graduates.  The friendships forged at AIC gives us opportunities to gather in different parts of the world years after graduation and reminisce about the wonderful memories. 

AIC is not only a platform of cultural exchange, a stepping stone to the world's finest universities, but also a network to build life-long friendships.