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Karl Zhu received offers from a number of universities including University College London, Kings College and the University of Michigan. He is completing his first degree at the University of Auckland. IB Diploma score 45/45. 
Bao Tran AIC received offers from the University College London, Imperial College, UK, US Texan Christian University on Provost Scholarship as well as Adelaide Outstanding Achiever Scholarship, from the University of Adelaide and full scholarship from Macquarie University. Bao has chosen to study at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia on full scholarship. IB Diploma score 45/45. 
Taehwan Shin, was offered a Scholarship to study Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University, US and a University of Auckland Scholarship to study Biomedical Engineering. Also offered places from UCLA and University of California Berkeley. Taehwan has chosen to study at Harvard from August 2011. IB Diploma score 45/45. 
Nhu Quoc Toan Ngo received offers from Ohio Wesleyan University on full scholarship and Texas Christian University on full scholarship, Connecticut University & Babson College, all in the USA. Chosen to study at Texas Christian University in Finance and Business Information Systems, major and Accounting, minor. IB Diploma score 45/45. 
Natalie Kim AIC graduate 2008, offered places at Columbia and Oxford Universities as an undergraduate. Studied Political Science at Princeton University, USA graduating magna cum laude in 2012. Accepted into the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Awarded a four year university scholarship. In 2012 she accepted a place at Harvard Law School, after also receiving offers from Columbia, NYU, University of Chicago and Duke law schools. IB Diploma score 45/45. 
Naomi Jones attended the University of Cambridge, UK. 2006 - 2010. Awarded a four year scholarship. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) exchange student, 2008. Presently employed with a multi-national company in the field of alternative energy development. IB Diploma score 45/45. 
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